Dry, rough skin in winter? It’s OVER!


Lack of proper body care during the winter may cause our skin to become dry, cracked and chapped, as well as more susceptible to adverse external factors. It can affect even our health, because then the skin does not fulfill its functions.



Choosing the right cosmetics

It is very important for our body skin what cosmetics we decide to care for it with.

In winter, we should use body butters and balms with a more substantive consistency. It is important that the cosmetic moisturizes the skin, but also nourishes it and provides protection against adverse external factors. To make it work, it should contain vegetable oils, which are a source of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. An example of such a balm is Cream Body Balm, with a high content of sweet almond oil.

In winter skin care products with plant extracts, such as Intensively moisturizing body balm, which contains extracts of arnica and calendula, are also great. These substances provide the skin with nutrients, support regeneration, strengthen blood vessels and relieve inflammations.

Cosmetics with the addition of honey, beeswax, urea, glycerin and hyaluronic acid are also a good choice. And if we struggle with severely irritated skin, let’s put on balms with soothing allantoin, d-panthenol and bisabolol.


Wash gently

The cleaning agents we use should contain as much moisturizing and nourishing substances as possible. If our skin is prone to drying or hypersensitivity, we should avoid cosmetics based on soap, alcohol and irritating detergents, e.g. SLS and SLES. For winter, choose delicate, creamy or oily formulas, for example O’lisse shower oil, which washes and cares perfectly, while maintaining a natural skin barrier.




Daily moisturizing is not enough to give your skin a healthy and well-groomed look. It is worth doing a regular body peeling, which will help exfoliate dead skin, supporting natural regenerative mechanisms, stimulate blood microcirculation and make other skin care products absorb it better.

Such a peeling can be easily done at home, you just need sugar, good oil and a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil. You can also reach for ready-made products such as Body Balm with Cream shower scrub, it is a 3in1 product. It contains cleaning agents as well as natural abrasive and moisturizing substances found in the balm.


Remember that only daily, regular care is the key to beautiful and healthy skin.

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