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Apply these simple rules to avoid spreading infections

Although the ritual of hand washing seems a trivial activity, proper care of hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. However, are you doing it correctly?


First: a magical 30 seconds

So much time you should wash your hands with warm water with antibacterial soap to almost completely remove bacteria from their surface. Washing makes your life longer? The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate is clear on this issue: “Wash your hands – save your life”. It’s a simple and effective way to stop the spread of infection. What means to use?


Use effective products

In order for your skin to be not only clean but also healthy, use appropriate cleaning agents.

When choosing soap, take into account both the skin condition and your expectations of the product.

For everyday use, especially for delicate and dry hand skin, we recommend the Mona hand soap, which contains moisturizing glycerin and oils.

With stronger dirt, for example after working in the garden or with the car, Parys peeling soap will be perfect. Thanks to the fine scrub particles, the soap thoroughly cleanses the skin of your hands even from the toughest dirt.

To increase protection against pathogenic microorganisms, we recommend using the Medea hand soap, which has a strong disinfecting and antibacterial effect.




In addition to keeping your hands clean, it’s also important to keep them in good shape. In skin lacking a protective hydro-lipid layer and cracked, it is easy to get infected, and frequent washing can lead to it. To prevent this, it is good to regularly use hand products that contain moisturizing and oiling substances. The comfort of use is increased by a delicate and full-bodied formula that does not leave a greasy film and is perfectly absorbed. It is worth focusing on the beneficial properties of oils, e.g. avocado oil, which oils and nourishes the skin in the seven most important vitamins: A, B, D, E, H, K, PP, thanks to which the hands are smooth and properly nourished.


Avocado Oil hand cream based on avocado oil has a version with a convenient pump that will facilitate application. The cream is intended for daily hand care. It contains allantoin, which effectively regenerates dry skin, as well as moisturizing glycerin.




Choreography of hand washing – turn your everyday ritual into fun!

Effective cleaning consists of a series of repetitive activities. After wetting your hands and applying soap, rub:

  • internal parts of the hands
  • the inside of one hand on the back of the other,
  • palm parts with interlaced fingers,
  • the dorsal surface of the bent fingers of one hand under the bent fingers of the other hand,
  • thumb of one hand on the inside of the other hand clamped on it with a twisting motion,
  • in the circular direction fingertips of one hand in the hollow of the other hand.

Repeat each of the mentioned movements 5 times with one hand and then with the other hand. Finally, rinse your hands thoroughly under running water and wipe with a clean towel. Do you have a problem keeping the magic rule of 30 seconds? Sing the chorus of your favorite song several times. ☺


When to wash your hands?

  • Before, during and after preparing a meal,
  • Before eating a meal,
  • After work done,
  • After using the toilet,
  • After a walk,
  • After taking care of a sick person,
  • After petting a dog,
  • After travelling by means of public transport,
  • After visiting a grocery or trade store,
  • After taking out the trash,
  • After changing your baby’s diaper,
  • After blowing your nose or coughing,
  • Several times while working at the computer.

Clean hands without soap and water

There are situations when there is no access to running water and soap. We can then maintain proper hand hygiene thanks to antibacterial gel  with a good composition.

Hand Sanitizer has antibacterial properties, eliminates the unpleasant smell and refreshes the skin of the hands without feeling sticky. Despite the content of alcohol, which quickly evaporates from the surface of the epidermis, the preparation moisturizes the skin due to the presence of care ingredients.

Comfortable form and packaging allow you to always have it with you.


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